EMAAN: Educational Muslim Achievement Awards Night

Education is very important in Islam. The Muslim Association of Canada is organizing this program, Educational Muslim Achievement Awards Night (EMAAN), an apex event that honors and recognizes students for their achievements over the past academic year.

EMAAN is a national program with an objective to encourage youth in our community to seek knowledge by furthering their education, to contribute positively to society and to celebrate Muslim student achievements.

Please join us this Sunday to witness the unfolding of this great event. Event location and details can be found at the bottom of the page.

2014 EMAAN:
Keynote Speaker: Dr.Tyceer Abouhassan
Standup Entertainment by: Moe Amer

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Our Sincere Gratitude To the following sponsors for their generous support and dedication for the success of EMAAN



Platinum Plus

 Dr. Tyceer Abouhassan

Dr. K. Abu-Rashed

Dr. Albert Kadri

 Dr. Houssein & Dr. Nissrine Hammoud

 Dr. Fareed Denath

Windsor Islamic Council


 Al-Hijra Academy

Rose City Dental (Dr. Mohamad Iskandar)

 Dr. Osman Tarabain

 Dr. Sajid Shukoor

 Mr. Ali El-Sharif

 Dr. Omar Abdallah


Gamal Ibrahim Family

Dr. Barry Emara

Crepes de Lecious


Dr. Montaser Salem

Mr. Anis Limaiem

Dr. Katia Saleh

Rafih Auto Group

Dr. Maher M. El-Masri

Dr. Mohammed El-Gamal

Dr. Ali Fayaz



Dr. Abdul-Fattah Asfour

Dr. Ahmed Azab

University of Windsor MSA

Dr. Majid Ahmadi

Dr. Shervin Erfani

 And to the following businesses who generously sponsored all or part of their services to help make EMAAN a success

 MD Events (Sharon H. McKee)


2014 Event Details

Applications Due Date: Sunday MAY 18 2014

Overview: The program will include a graduation ceremony segment, an awards presentation segment, an entertainment segment, as well as a dinner.

Timing/Location: The event will be held on Sunday, June  22nd, 2014 at 6:00 PM at Ciociaro Club

Audience: The target audience will be the general Windsor population (all ages included)