History of EMAAN

EMAAN is a unique, one-of-a-kind celebration which gathers a diverse attendance reflecting the cultural mosaic of Islam and Canada. Muslim students are recognized with vibrant awards at an apex event of celebration and achievements. Many students strive to attain the grades necessary to achieve EMAAN academic and special recognition awards and last year almost 300 students were presented with awards. Students feel a sense of unity with their Muslim brothers and sisters, families and friends, as they stand side by side with their peers at the awards night. In the past, this function has been honored to welcome a high-caliber audience of over 500 people, including respected government dignitaries, members of academia, public and private school board members, members of various religious and cultural organizations, families and students. Overall, the hard work and dedication from EMAAN volunteers is exemplified through a prestigious evening consisting of an awards presentation with beautiful take-home awards for students, invited guest speakers’ address, a delicious three-course meal, and various displays and entertainment. Scholarships for post-secondary education and Umrah Tours are awarded to select EMAAN students. Senior high and post-secondary students who receive Top Academic Awards and Student of the Year Awards will receive $1000 scholarships. Recipients of the post-secondary Umrah Award will be granted a trip to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. EMAAN is ultimately a resource for all Muslim students. Students should get involved for their own benefit. Overall, EMAAN is a program that strengthens our Canadian heritage and represents our multicultural Muslim community


Consistent with Islamic principles, Muslim Association of Canada initiated EMAAN in 2002 in Edmonton, Alberta to encourage youth in our community to seek knowledge and pride in their identity by furthering their education, contribute positively to society, and celebrate Muslim student achievements. EMAAN recognized 32 high school graduates.


EMAAN introduced academic awards for senior high.


EMAAN introduced junior high academic awards and special recognition awards for Athlete of the Year, Community Service & Youth Leadership, Student of the Year, and Top Academic.


EMAAN expanded to provide scholarships to the highest achieving EMAAN students receiving the Student of the Year and Top Academic awards. One of EMAAN’s main goals for the future is to provide full scholarships to students for their post secondary education.


EMAAN introduced Quranic Memorization and Most Improved Student awards.


EMAAN introduced Arabic Language and Literature/Journalism awards.


EMAAN introduced the Umrah award to the post secondary level where up to four of our successful applicants receive this exciting and adventurous award.


EMAAN awarded more than 250 students.


There was a shift in the EMAAN mission to track and nurture our students throughout the entire academic year. Therefore, we implemented the EMAAN Leadership Program, which is meant to serve as a comprehensive resource for students in support and nurturing of their path to excellence in academics, leadership and faith.


EMAAN was pleased to introduce the Entrepreneur of the Year Award recognizing student innovative ideas and creativity. EMAAN celebrated its 10-year anniversary, awarding close to 300 applicants and welcoming an audience of over 600 individuals.


EMAAN is collaborating with MAC to launch the “Umrah Tour”, a remarkable opportunity for both Umrah award recipients and the greater Edmonton Muslim community to participate in.

Over the Years

EMAAN has expanded from 10 sponsors to over 100. EMAAN raised the average for the Honourable Mention award from 60% to 65%, then to 70%, and finally to 75%, which it stands at today. EMAAN has compiled a database of more than 600 Muslim students in Edmonton. EMAAN is continuing to expand the program nationwide to other Canadian cities including Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, Windsor, London, and Hamilton. EMAAN will continue to raise the standards of excellence for all students and to recognize and celebrate each student’s success