EMAAN – 2017: Educational Muslim Achievement Awards Night

Education is very important in Islam. The Muslim Association of Canada is organizing this program, Educational Muslim Achievement Awards Night (EMAAN), an apex event that honors and recognizes students for their achievements over the past academic year. EMAAN is a national program with an objective to encourage youth in our community to seek knowledge by furthering their education, to contribute positively to society and to celebrate Muslim student achievements. EMAAN provides great scholarships to the students who show an excellent achievement record. Academic awards will be offered to all students who will graduate in 2017 from High School or University.

Volunteer Positions Available

IT Head
Job Responsibilities
  • Markting
  • Time of the event
  • Flyers/Posters/Brochures
  • Announcement
  • School Ambassadors
  • EMAAN Vedio clip
  • Communications with organizations/Mosques/school boards and media
  • EMAAN Web site
  • Power points
  • Photo booth
  • Students's pictures
  • Guests Photo

2 Positions

Administration Head
Job Responsibilities
  • Applications and registration process
  • Site
  • Awards
  • Compiling of students into data base
  • Schools and students contacts
  • Online tickets
  • Venue, time line of the event, Ushers, reception, name tags and checking tickets
  • Choosing and communicating judges
  • Awards categories
  • Evaluation sheet
  • Final report

3 Positions

Job Responsibilities
  • Budget estimation
  • Sponsors & donations
  • Proposing ideas for fund raising
  • Scholarships
  • Handling funds
  • Medals and Trophies
  • Gifts
  • Tickets sales
  • Hiring baby siting
  • Order kids snacks
  • Book hall and choosing menu

3 Positions

Program Coordinator
Job Responsibilities
  • Decoration
  • Developing the program of the event
  • Choosing speakers and entertainment
  • Choosing MCees
  • Creating biographies
  • Invite VIP guests to the event(Mayer,MPs,School board members)
  • Invite the winners of the last year for success stories
  • Organize; student's entrance/parent's entrance and reception and the flow of people during prayer
  • Choosing songs running during the event
  • Manage everything running on the stage
  • Thank you letters

3 - 4 Positions

Youth Coordinator
Job Responsibilities
  • Research and develop programs for youth
  • Plan and implement activities for youth
  • Promote youth programs
  • Administer youth programs

4 Positions