EMAAN has developed the Partners in Education Plan, which assists in helping talented young students pursue their dreams of becoming professionals by raising much needed scholarship funds. Partners in Education contribute to the EMAAN Scholarship Funds Account at the various sponsor levels:

Platinum          $1000 and over

Gold                $500 up to $999

Silver              $300 up to $499

Bronze             up to $300

These funds are utilized to sustain current Special Recognition Trophies and to acquire Trophies, Awards, and grant Scholarships for qualifying students. On average, 300 Academic and Special Recognition Awards and four – $1,000 Scholarships are awarded. The scholarships are awarded to Top Academic Students and Students of the Year to be used towards their post-secondary education. The surplus revenue is accumulated into bequest funds to sponsor goals such as the Umrah Award, which entails the trip of a lifetime, for up to four recipients, to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. Appointed presenters distribute these awards on behalf of sponsors. Sponsor names are announced during the event, printed in the program booklet, and displayed in a power point presentation.

Benefactors of EMAAN are donors, who through their generosity and on-going commitment provide the resources necessary to prepare young students for their future careers across Canada. By contributing to this unique program, you help ensure that Muslim youth acquire skills vital to their knowledge and develop future Community Leaders, Muslim scholars, teachers, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, physicians, etc. The financial leadership of Benefactors acts as a source of inspiration to the entire Muslim community, and encourages many other sources of giving in the community.

EMAAN kindly requests your financial support for this year. EMAAN would be honored to partner with you. Continuing our partnership will provide an irreplaceable source of knowledge and inspiration for both the students and the Muslim Community. In this segmented market, stand out as the sponsor that is committed to promote education, and further enhance your image as a caring, community supporter.

If this opportunity meets your needs, please contact us at edmonton@emaan.ca