Graduation Award Information

The following information reflects the conditions necessary to qualify for an EMAAN Junior/Senior High School Graduation Award.

  • General:
    • Students successfully finishing grades 9 and 12 in 2023 will be presented with a graduation award.
    • Awards will be granted only to those students attending the banquet. When a student is unable to attend the banquet due to circumstances beyond their control, they will be contacted to pick up their award at a later date.
    • Applicants must submit copies of their term marks with the application form.
    • Applicants must apply with marks only at their grade level (i.e. Grade 9 students must only report grades obtained in grade 9 subjects
  • Junior High (Grade 9): 
    • Submitted marks should be reported from the second term report card.
    • Junior High students must report marks for CORE subjects that include Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies only.
    • PLEASE NOTE: We understand that by the application deadline, students will not have final report cards and grades. We will accept progress reports that show the most recent grade that students have in each class.

Merit Award Criteria

A report card MUST be submitted to qualify for a merit award. The following information reflects the conditions necessary to qualify for EMAAN’s Merit Awards:

  • Honours with Distinction:
    • Average mark of 85% and over in required subjects (refer to the eligibility criteria).
  • Most Improved Student Award: 
    • Awarded to one student at the junior high level and one student at the senior high level who do NOT meet Honours criteria.
    • Awarded to students who have obtained overall improvement in required subjects (refer to the eligibility criteria) from term one to term two.
    • Students must submit a copy of their first and second term report cards with the application form.